Business incorporation of an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

Business incorporation of an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

If you are thinking about establishing a company in Slovenia, EU and do not know the important parts of the business incorporation process, look no further. We will help you establish a timeline of business incorporation and underline the important steps that you need to take.

Business incorporation in Slovenia, EU – tax number for shareholders and representatives

One of the most important documents you would need with business incorporation in Slovenia is a tax number. All shareholders and representatives need a valid Slovenian tax number. If you are establishing a subsidiary, where a foreign company is the shareholder, the foreign company would also have to obtain a Slovenian tax number.

You can obtain a Slovenian tax number personally at the Slovenian tax office by filling out a specific form. If you would like to obtain the tax number remotely, it is also possible to authorize another person to obtain if on your behalf. When submitting the application for the tax number you would also need your valid passport with you.

Business incorporation in Slovenia, EU – business address of the company

The other document that you need when registering the company is the business address in Slovenia. In the process of company registration, you would need to present the statement of the owner of the business address. This is a notarized statement in which the owner gives you permission to register your company at his address.

It is possible that the owner fills out the statement himself and gets it notarized either at the notary or at the administrative unit. The other possibility is that the owner comes with you at the process of company registration and signs the statement at our One-Stop Shop where our consultant can also verify the statement.

Business incorporation in Slovenia, EU – founding capital

In the process of LTD incorporation, you would also need to deposit the founding capital. The minimal amount of founding capital is 7.500€. You can deposit this money at the temporary bank account, which you can open after preparing the act of establishment of the company. You have to open the bank account in a bank that has a branch in Slovenia. Once you have deposited the founding capital, the bank issues a confirmation of deposit. You have to bring it back to our One-Stop shop and afterwards we can submit the documents to court.

When the company is officially established, you can use the founding capital for the business expenses.

Business incorporation in Slovenia, EU – bank account

All LTD companies need bank accounts to function in Slovenia. When the company is still in establishing, you can only open a temporary bank account. To this temporary bank account you deposit the founding capital. When the court issues the decree that the company is officially established, the representative has to personally change the temporary bank account to permanent in order to start doing business and use the company funds for business expenses.

Business incorporation in Slovenia, EU – duration of the process

Usually, business incorporation in Slovenia takes about 10-14 days to complete and afterwards you can start doing business in Slovenia. This includes the process of obtaining the Slovenian tax number, making the act of establishment of the company, opening the temporary bank account and then changing it to permanent bank account. It is possible to authorize someone to obtain the tax number remotely. But all shareholders and representatives need to be physically present in Slovenia to make the business incorporation and open the bank account.

Business incorporation in Slovenia, EU with the assistance of Data!

Data would be happy to offer your support in the whole process of business incorporation. We can obtain the tax number for you based on a power-of-attorney. You can also do the act of establishment here at our office. Our One-Stop Shop has a license to perform company registrations.

We can also offer you accountancy services so that you can have a peace of mind that your company’s books are looked after in accordance to Slovenian accountancy standards.

Data also has its own legal department, which can help you to understand the Slovenian legislation. They can also draft contracts for your company.

Should you need a business address to register your company to, Data can offer you services of virtual office as well.

For more information on business incorporation in Slovenia, you can write to us on our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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