Establish LTD company in Slovenia – how long does it take

Establish LTD company in Slovenia - how long does it take

How to establish LTD company in Slovenia and how long does it take

Most common question when you establish LTD company in Slovenia is the time frame. In other words, how long does it take for a company to be established? The time frame depends on the type of company. As well as the cooperation and responsiveness of customer.

You already have a great plan ? That is to say, you need help? Don’t wait! Regarding additional questions for basic steps to establish a company in Slovenia feel free to contact us. In other words, do not hesitate to contact our legal experts at and receive advice from our business consultants. Find out more how to do business in Slovenia.

Do you need more advice?

What kind of company can you establish?

What type of company would you like to establish? Basically this is an important decision. For instance there are different types of companies in Slovenia. In other words, what it takes to expand a business? How much time and expense? What documents? Do not worry. In this sense, our legal consultants will advice you about the steps. We are at your disposal.

Establish LTD company in Slovenia – two main steps

The first step in the procedure when you establish LTD company is to meet the requirements for the registration. Owners of the company must first obtain a Slovenian tax number. The estimated time frame for obtaining these documents is between 2 to 8 days. In order to save time, DATA experts can obtain the tax number for you even before you come to Slovenia.

After you have a tax number, you can start with the registration procedure. We can help you to establish company. You can register your company at Data. Our experts with years of experience will be there to help you.  We can offer full support through all the steps. Want to know more how to establish company, call us on Viber/Whatsapp 00 386 64 173 023.

When the registration procedure has been completed, the representatives must open a bank account. If a LTD company is founded, you will have to deposit basic capital. To establish company, the amount of initial capital must be 7,500 euros. You can later use the company’s capital for all activities. As well as for the needs and costs of the company (salaries, expenses etc.).

It will take just a few days for the company to be officially registered.

You’ve established the company – now what?

Before you start performing activities, we advise you to contact our legal expert. Firstly because only the legal expert it will adequately explain to you what you must prepare to start a business. Second, not knowing Slovenian laws will be difficult for you to manage business successfully. On the day of registration you can meet with our legal adviser and accountant. You will also cooperate with them in the future. Want to know more how to establish company, call us on Viber/Whatsapp 00 386 64 173 023.

Basic steps to open a company – Business address 

When you are satisfied with it in the process of forming an entrepreneurial idea and feel that you have arrived at its final content and image, then you need to analyze it through a business plan.

Most importantly, the new company must have a business address in Slovenia. In order to register your company at an address, you also need the consent of the owner of the space. In case you don’t need a business office, you can opt for a virtual office service. We offer this service to you in Data.

Establishing LTD company – talk to us!

Data can provide you with legal advisors and all other procedures to establish LTD company in Slovenia.

We will be happy to offer you full support at all stages of business. When you establish LTD company, during and after the establishing the company. For all the additional questions how to establish LTD company we are available on e-mail, phone number Viber/Whatsapp 00 386 64 173 023.

You can read useful information about how to establish LTD company in the article: Step by step guide to company registration in Slovenija.

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