Importance of Slovenia as a maritime country in Europe

Importance of Slovenia as a maritime country in Europe

On 20th May, Europe will commemorate the day as European maritime day. This is because the EU wants to highlight the importance of seas and sea transport when it comes to business in Europe. Slovenia is one of the maritime countries in Europe. Despite its small size, it is one of the major players in sea transport.

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The importance of Slovenia as one of the maritime countries in EU

Slovenia has access to the Adriatic Sea with its 47 km of coastline. Even though the coastline is one of the shortest in Europe, access to the sea holds strategic importance to Slovenia. The importance of the Adriatic transport route has increased in the last decade. Four north Adriatic ports in Koper (Slovenia), Rijeka, Trieste and Venice have transshipped 1.12 million container units in 2009, while in 2019 they have transshipped over 2.47 million units. The port in Koper in Slovenia is included in the same routes as the other north Adriatic seaports and hence has the same connections when it comes to transport via ships. But in Koper, they transship a higher amount of container units and the container traffic in Koper is over 40%. The biggest terminal in the region is also in Koper.

In 2019, over 23 tons of goods were transshipped in Koper. The Slovenian company Luka Koper is a modern seaport in northern Adriatic and has all the necessary infrastructure to transship various goods. The transport via the port is increasing and is even higher than in Venice, Rijeka and Trieste, due to better infrastructure for transshipment.

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