Specifics of business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Specifics of business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Starting your business in Europe might require your on-site surveillance of the business conduct. Each country has specific conditions in how entrepreneurs are able to work in their own company. Slovenian legislation offers the possibility of business immigration in a quite straightforward manner if you open a company here. We will be explaining the specifics that a company has to fulfill in order for the representative to become eligible for business immigration.

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Business immigration to Slovenia starts with company registration

Business immigration is a term used to describe relocation to another country for business purposes. Usually, that means that the representative relocates to that country to oversee the specific business process and the company employees. Hence, business immigration starts with company registration in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. Additionally, they also need a Slovenian tax number and a business address. Experienced entrepreneurs with a company abroad can also expand their business by opening a subsidiary or branch office. Within one company you can register various business activities and engage in more than one business scope.

Specifics of business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Only registering a company in Slovenia does not give you automatic right to engage in business immigration. After registration, the company needs to fulfill specific conditions in order to be able to employ foreigners.

Your company would have to choose between one of the following conditions:

  • make an investment of at least 50.000€ into a specific fixed asset of the company,
  • or employ an EU citizen for 6 months on full-time and pay them salary,
  • or show company revenue at least 10.000€ per month for 6 consecutive months.

Your company only has to fulfill one of the specific conditions and then you can submit the application for the work and residence permit for Slovenia.

By fulfilling these specific conditions, your company also obtains the right to employ other non-EU citizens. The only difference is that after your company has fulfilled the terms, they would also need to pass labor market control of Slovenia before submitting their application.

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