Firm name in Slovenia – what should you pay attention to?

Firm name in Slovenia - what should you pay attention to?

According to entrepreneurs that visit us, firm name is one of the most difficult steps of the company registration process. In general, they ask us all sorts of questions. For example, people who want to register sole proprietor or s.p. (natural person), the Companies Act (ZGD-1) states that a sole proprietor must always state his or her name in the firm name. However, if you want to register a limited liability company or Ltd (legal person), you use only an imaginary name. Similarly, the choice of imaginary name can also be a challenge for partners. So, do you plan to start a business in Slovenia? Do you have any ideas? Let us know! We will be happy to help! Contact us! Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). You can also send us an email to!

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Firm name and s.p.

As a sole trader, you have several options. What are they? Firstly, the firm name must always include at least the name of the individual and the abbreviation s.p. Moreover, during registration, you must give the full name of the business. This includes a description of the main activity of the company. It may also choose to use an abbreviation as a firm  name. Alternatively, an imaginary name can come before the full name. Does this interest you? Do you want to open an s.p. in Slovenia? If you have any questions, just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

Examples, examples!

It is always better when we have practical examples. To illustrate how this looks, let’s look at this one:

Cosmetic services, Manja Strle s.p. – full name of company;
Manja Strle s.p. – abbr. company name.
Or it may be the use of an imaginary company name.

KREMICA, cosmetic services, Manca Strle s.p. – full company name;
KREMICA, Manja Strle s.p. – abbr. company name.

To point out, you must pay attention to Articles 20 and 21 of the Companies Act. Why? Because since 2015, you can give an imaginary name in a foreign language, while other elements must remain in Slovene.

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What about Ltd?

Unlike in the case of s.p., an imaginary company name is necessary for Ltd. Likewise, the provisions of Articles 20 and 21 of the ZGD-1 also apply to Ltd. Moreover, Ltd may also choose a foreign word for its imaginary name that contains letters not found in the Slovenian alphabet. A long company name is mandatory. The mandatory components of a long name for Ltd are the name, the activity and the form of the company – Ltd.


BOBENČEK, advertising agency, Ltd – full company name;

BOBENČEK Ltd. – abbr. company name.

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Firm name and provisions of the Companies Act (Part 1)

The Companies Act (ZGD-1) contains provisions on the name of a company:

  • The name of the company may not contain the names or characters of foreign countries or international organizations.
  • If the shareholder of the company is a person (legal or natural) who has foreign letters in the name containing words in a foreign language, the use of such a name is permitted.
  • You can use the word Slovenia or Slo, .si; or the flag of Slovenia only with the permission of the Government.
  • Despite the previous provision, you can use the .si suffix without consent if the name contains only a domain name.
  • The firm may also contain foreign words and foreign letters. In the Slovenian language, however, the components of the company name that indicate the activity and the company’s designation must be present. The letters X, Y, W and Q are allowed.

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Name of the company and provisions of the Companies Act (Part 2)

There are more provision in the Act, such as:

  • You can use the name and surname or pseudonym of a historical or other famous person only with his/her permission. If the person is deceased, with the permission of his or her spouse and relatives up to the third knee in the line of descent and parents; if still alive, and with the permission of the minister or minister responsible for public administration.
  • The name may not contain words or signs which are contrary to law or morality; contain the well-known trade and service marks of another beneficiary; or contain or imitate official signs.
  • The company must use the name in the same form as it is in the register in the conduct of its business. However, it may also use an abbr. name which contains at least the element which distinguishes the name of the company from that of other companies. The abbr. name needs to be in the register. You can use a translation of the company name into a foreign language only together with the company name in the Slovene language. In addition to the letters of the Slovene alphabet, the additional components of the company name may also contain the letters X, Y, W and Q. You can also use words with other letters, only if they correspond to the firms, names or surnames of the partners that are part of the firm or correspond to registered trademarks.

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