Useful information for business development: Free webinar

Useful information for business development: Free webinar

Useful information for expanding your business in EU / Slovenia

Useful information for business growth and success in EU / Slovenia are available for you now! At our company DATA , we try to educate entrepreneurs on the numerous options. We give information about business immigration to Slovenia. So we have created webinars where entrepreneurs from all over the world may learn about their options. We also offer services in addition to company registration process. Do not wait! You need answers? Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 and we will give you all the answers.

Please note that applications for the webinars for December dates are still open. Do not miss the chance to learn more useful information for business setup. Also all webinars are free of charge. So take this chance and sign up today! There are still available places.

Start your own business in Slovenia/EU now!

Free webinar on company registration and business immigration to Slovenia

Do you plan a business in Europe? Are you looking for the right country? Then, Slovenia is the right choice. Do you want to know why? Attend our free webinar to find more useful information! Additionally, we also present the ways which non EU citizens have when it comes to business immigration to Slovenia through company registration. We discuss about different company types as well. You can apply here. Also, you can apply by sending us an email to

We are hosting the webinars on a weekly basis. The topic of business setup in Slovenia is discussed in the online webinar. We also explain the options available to EU citizens who wish to move to Slovenia. And this is not everything. All of the webinars are free and in English language.

If you are interested to find more useful information for business in Slovenia then you can apply on these dates:

  • 30th December
  • 6th January

Apply for the free webinar

You will also have the chance to contact our experts after the webinar to explain any questions you may have. Are you also interested to find out more? Our team will also give you useful information. You can learn about new business options and solutions this way. By all means, we will give you all the information about business, work and living in Slovenia. Save the dates ! Apply now!

For more information call us on +386 030 640 995  (Viber/WhatsApp)

Do you need help with your business in Slovenia? Contact DATA for support!

You have many ideas and you also want to be successful? Do you plan to grow your business in Europe? Then send us an email to We also advice you to visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.

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