Real estate owners in Slovenia – can you be one?

Real estate owners

Real estate owners in Slovenia can also be foreigners. What are the conditions? Can you, as a foreigner, buy real estate in Slovenia? Let’s find out. We also have some tips on buying real estate in this beautiful country. Did you know you can do it by starting a business in Slovenia? Here at Data we do just that! Additionally we can help you with any legal matters connected to business and real estate ownership. For more information, call our Viber or WhatsApp +386 40 530 718 or send us an e.-mail: Start by booking a business consultation.

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Which foreigners can become real estate owners?

The simple answer is: All of them! However, there are different conditions that apply. There are three types of foreigners that can buy real estate. That is written in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. Fistly, if a Slovenian citizen can buy real estate in your country of origin, you can do it in Slovenia. It is also easier to become a real estate owner if you are European. However, it depends on where you are from.

How to open a business in Slovenia

Conditions for real estate owners

When you decide you want to purchase real estate in Slovenia, you have to check, wheter you meet the conditions or not. Overall, if you are a citizen of any EU country, you are in luck. The same rules apply to you, as to the Slovenian citizens. Same goes for citizens of Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. They can purchase real estate in Slovenia, according to European Economic Areas Agreement. USA citizens can do it according to the Treaty on Trade and Navigation.

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If you come from none of the countries above and do not meet listed conditions? There are still options for you. You can open a business, obtain Slovenian citizenship through marriage or inherit real estate.

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Buy real estate as a business

The easiest way of becoming real estate owners in Slovenia is by opening a business. That means that you won’t own it as a natural person, but as an entity. You can do that by opening an LLC.

Investment into real estate is also a great way of proving your business operates actively. That helps with obtaining work and residence permits. Let experts from Data help you! Get our advice on company registration, real estate ownership, permits and more. You can contact us via e-mail or call  our Viber/WhatsApp number: +386 40 530 718. Last but not least, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.


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