Slovenian economy

Slovenian economy

As European Union Member State, Slovenia has close ties with other countries of Western Europe, especially with Germany, Austria and Italy. Slovenia is known as a small but reliable partner. In the period from 1995 to 2008, Slovenian economy expanded annually by an average of 4 percent. First decline in economic growth in Slovenia was recorded in 2008 due to global economic crisis. Stabilization of economy successfully took place in 2013. The success has also been confirmed by the EU leadership – according to statistics in 2014 Slovenia had 2.6 percent economic growth, while experts say that the forecast for the future is even higher. It is possible to claim that Slovenian economy is more successful than the EU average.

The largest share of the economy is constituted service activity. According to statistic, in 2008, they accounted nearly 64% of the total GDP. Among the increasingly important service tourism is counted as well. Industrial sector contributes around 26%, construction work 8% and agriculture 2% to the total GDP.

Among the most important industries and manufactures, there is iron industry, automobile manufacturing and manufacturing of electrical devices. Slovenian industry is in large amount also based on wood and textile, pharmaceutical and chemical business and in egenireeng as well.

Statistically the highest GDP in Slovenia is in the Central part, in amount of 24,649 EUR, Costal region follows with 18.819 EUR. Central region has the greatest share of trade with other countries, with the total volume of nearly 30% for exports and 47% of the total volume of imports of goods.

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