LTD company – depositing share capital as material funds

LTD company – depositing share capital as material funds

Starting a business in Slovenia usually starts with company registration. Non-EU citizens are able to register an LTD company even without prior residence in Slovenia. But registering an LTD company requires providing at least 7500€ share capital. Entrepreneurs often think that they can only provide this capital with a cash deposit into a bank account during company registration. But there is also a possibility to show the capital with material funds. Our legal advisors will explain how this is possible.

Data d.o.o. has been providing support to entrepreneurs starting their business in Europe for nearly 30 years. We provide professional accounting services and tax consultation. Additionally, we have a team of legal experts who can guide you through the possibilities and obligations if you plan to deposit the share capital in material funds.

LTD company registration – what can represent share capital?

If you plan to register an LTD company, the usual way is to deposit 7500€ share capital in cash in the process of company registration. You deposit share capital in your company’s bank account where it will be available for your business expenses later. This is the most straight-forward type of company registration, where you would not need a notary to register the company. You can carry out the company registration at our VEM point without additional expenses. You would only need to provide our consultant with confirmation from the bank that you have deposited the share capital.

But it is also possible to provide material funds as proof of share capital. Material funds can be machines, real estate, trucks, cars, equipment and similar items. Our legal experts can offer consultation which items can be material funds for your specific case as they also have to relate to your business activity. When opting to register a company with material funds as share capital, you would need to carry out the registration at the notary.

Depositing material funds as share capital requires LTD registration at the notary

If you decide to deposit the share capital in form of material funds, you would have to do so at the notary. Hence, you cannot avoid additional expenses for the company registration. Before visiting the notary, you would also have to appoint a court certified appraiser for the particular field. The appraiser would have to assess the worth of the material funds that you plan to deposit as share capital.

Our legal advisors will make sure to consult you on the right choice for your company, whether it is to deposit the share capital in cash or through material funds. For more information on company registration in Slovenia, EU, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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