Slovenian company – options for business development in Europe

Slovenian company – options for business development in Europe

Doing business in Europe is very popular among foreign entrepreneurs. It is a large market with very strong consumer force so you can sell various products or services. But how can you enter the EU market if you are not an EU resident? It is easy to do with a Slovenian company.

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Slovenian company – opening a new company

The easiest and fastest way to open a Slovenian company is to register a LTD company as a natural person. Here, you would only need Slovenian tax number, a business address in Slovenia and 7500€ share capital. These funds will later be available for you to spend on business expenses. Having a Slovenian company will enable you to conduct your business with other companies in the EU and worldwide.

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Slovenian company – expanding your business

Seasoned entrepreneurs can also decide to expand their business to Slovenia by opening either a branch or a subsidiary. The main difference between the company types is that a subsidiary is still a limited liability company where the owner is a foreign legal entity. A branch office, on the other hand, is completely dependent on the parent company and is not a separate legal entity.

Establishing a Slovenian subsidiary would require that you obtain a Slovenian tax number for the parent company as well. Otherwise, the procedure does not differ from opening a LTD as a natural person. When registering the subsidiary your parent company has to deposit the share capital 7500€ from the parent company’s corporate bank account.

Opening a branch office does not require depositing share capital. The registration of a Slovenian branch happens at a notary’s office but you can authorize DATA to do the registration at the notary on your behalf. To register a branch office, you would need to present: Slovenian tax number for the parent company and representative, financial report for the parent company, extract from the business registry of the parent company and act of establishment of the parent company.

The branch office can only do the same business activity that also the parent company registered. But the Slovenian subsidiary offers more flexibility in this case, as it is an independent company.

Working in the EU with Slovenian company – VAT number

It is very important that after the registration of the Slovenian company you start the procedure of obtaining a VAT number if you plan on providing your services throughout EU. Immediately after registering the company, we suggest that you submit a request for a VAT number. You need to know that you do not get a VAT number automatically when you open a company. In the procedure itself you must prove with written evidence that you plan to actively do business in Slovenia. This evidence is pro forma invoices, advance payments, contracts, letters of intent, insurance applications etc. The more evidence you gather, the sooner you will get a VAT number.

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