Close a company – how to do it quickly?

Close a company - how to do it quickly?

Closing a company – quick ways

Are you an owner and you want to close a company? However, you want to close it quickly? This article will help you find out the ways you can do that. In general, there are several ways you can close a company. Most often, regular processes are carried out or if the company is insolvent, then there is a need for bankruptcy proceedings. At the same time, certain conditions allow you to close the company in shortened procedure – without liquidation. In continuation we will explain how can you do that. Does this interest you? Do you need more information? Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! We will be glad to help!

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Close a company – termination of business

When the company stops to operate, it is time for the shareholders to also carry out the formal procedure to close the company. The fastest and simplest procedure for closing a company is the procedure to close without liquidation. However, for such a procedure, the company must meet certain conditions. Let’s explore the conditions!

Conditions to close the company according to the shortened procedure

To begin with, you can close the company through an shortened procedure if:

  • all obligations of the legal entity are clear
  • all relations with workers are regulated
  • members declare that they assume all remaining possible obligations of the company

Quite simple, right? We think so yes! However, there are a few more steps! Stay with us!

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Company closing procedure

Given the initial conditions, the procedure to close the company needs to be done with the help of a notary. However, members must first decide whether they want to close the company according to the shortened procedure. In that regard, the decision must contain:

  • company headquarters
  • the competent authority that made the decision on the termination of the legal entity
  • information that it is about the termination of a legal entity/closing of a company according to an shortened procedure
  • number of members of the company/legal entity, their names, surnames and place of residence
  • property division proposal

Furthermore, members must also sign a declaration that the company pays and regulates the its obligations and relations before closure. It is the notary who signs the declaration. Do you want to know more? In either case, maybe you consider shareholder withdrawal? Just send us an email on and schedule a meeting with our experts!

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Request to delete the company from the register

The procedure has a few more steps. Stay with us! You also need to delete the company from the register. In order to do that, you need to submit a request through a notary and the required member statements and declarations (see above). As a result, the court then makes a decision along with the publication of the names, surnames, and addresses of all shareholders of the company. After that, you can make an appeal against the decision within 15 days. However, after the decision to delete the company becomes final, the company is removed from the register. Also, you need to submit final accounts and reports to the tax administration within 30 days. And that is the complete process! In essence, this can be really quick if you choose the help of DATA! If you need more information about how to close a company, contact us!

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