Buying a ready-made company in Slovenia. Yes or no?

Buying a ready-made company in Slovenia

Buying a ready-made company in Slovenia can be very dangerous! Caution – You can buy the debts of the previous owner.

For many who take the decision to open his own company in Slovenia – Private Limited Company the fact of  necessary introduction of a minimum amount of founding capital appears to be an insurmountable obstacle. This is a prerequisite for the opening a Private Limited Company. The most common form of companies for foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia in the first year of business immigration. One of the possibilities that exist in the market is to buy an ready-made company in Slovenia.

For a Private Limited Company authorized capital shall not be less than 7.500 €. It is necessary to put founding capital on the temporary bank account of the company before the registration data will be sent to the Court Register. Founding capital is an obligatory condition when registering a Private Limited  Company. It is not surprising that a demand for offers to purchase ready-made companies is increasing. As a result at the market is growing number of companies are offering for sale a newly formed company.

Buying a ready-made company without investing a founding capital?

The main advantages, presented by sellers of existing companies: a certain speed the procedure of re-registration of the new owner, the possibility of the beginning of the company immediately after purchase, to avoid bureaucratic procedures. But everyone knows that the main reason is to avoid putting the founding capital of the new owner.

What is the procedure of buying a ready-made company?

  • The seller of the company – a legal or natural person registers a Private Limited Company and puts a founding capital on the bank account.
  • After the registration of the company in the court register, the seller of the future company must sign a loan agreement under which the authorized capital can be taken from the company.
  • The interested buyer and seller (the founder of the company) enter into a contract the transfer of 100% shares of the company to a new owner. This procedure takes place at the notary.
  • Along with the purchase procedure, the new buyer assumes the obligation to pay the debt under the loan agreement and thus his new company is obliged to return 7.500 €.

From a legal point of view, the sale and purchase of the company is not contested. The share of the company with limited liability (100%) will be freely transferable (if in Court Register aren’t made any restrictions), as well as the transfer of debt of the founding capital.

However, despite this, before deciding to purchase it is necessary to weigh everything and be careful.

The buyer from the seller also receives all the company’s debts

Any interested buyer should first of all know that the price paid for the company is not the only required payment. As we mentioned, it will be necessary to return the € 7.500 under the loan agreement, which was signed by the buyer. Additional payments will also be costs for the notary, a court interpreter and witnesses who are required to be present at the notary, if you do not speak Slovenian. Please note that if you decide to buy the ready-made company and on this basis submit your documents for a work permit, the Employment Office can send you additional demands and questions. You will need to explain why you have decided to buy a registered company, which, for example, did not realize any business until this moment.

Read also the second part of the article, in which we describe one possible scenario, when the newly businessman suddenly receives a request for payment of the debts of the acquired company of which he did not know about.

Did you decide to register a company in Slovenia?

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