Requirements for business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Requirements for business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Slovenia gaining recognition a popular business destination in Europe. In addition to offering good conditions of starting your business in Europe, it is also one of the countries with the most straight-forward procedures regarding business immigration. As some requirements are not so well known, we will be presenting them within this article.

Data d.o.o. has over 28 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs to start their business in Slovenia. Our team of 40 experts consist include legal advisors that can guide through every requirement for business immigration. Additionally, our team of accountants will make sure that your company’s books are kept in accordance to Slovenian accountancy standards. We also provide services of company registration right here in our office as we are a licensed VEM point. The procedures at the VEM point are free-of-charge.

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What is business immigration?

Business immigration it a term describing the possibility to relocate to another country for business purposes. It can include relocation of both the company directors and individual employees. In Slovenia, to start business immigration the requirement is to register a company. Non-EU citizens can establish LTD companies with 7.500€ share capital without having prior residence in Slovenia. In addition to the capital you would need to have a Slovenian tax number, business address in Slovenia and a valid passport.

What are the requirements of active business conduct for business immigration to Slovenia?

Just opening a company in Slovenia does not give you the right to automatically apply for work and residence permit. The basic requirements to employ foreigner are that the company shows active business conduct. You can prove it by fulfilling one of the following requirements:

  • investing 50.000€ into fixed assets of the company,
  • or showing monthly company revenue at least 10.000€ for 6 consecutive months,
  • or employing an EU citizen for a period of at least 6 months on a full workday.

Your company has to fulfill only one of these requirements to be eligible for business immigration to Slovenia.

Are there any additional requirements that your company has to fulfill?

In addition to fulfilling one of the three conditions of active business conduct, your company cannot have any outstanding debt to the government. It means that all your company’s taxes and salaries to employee have to be paid. In case of going for the investment options, the requirement is that you make the investment within the first 6 months of company registration.

One representative of the company can apply immediately after one of the requirements of active business conduct is fulfilled. If your company wants to hire additional foreign staff or other shareholders also want to obtain work and residence permit, the requirement for them would be passing labor market control of Slovenia.

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