Transport companies – required number of vehicles

Transport companies in Slovenia, EU – required number of vehicles

Opening a transport company in Slovenia is a procedure that company Data guides you through from company registration to obtaining the license for transport. A very common question of entrepreneurs is if transport companies in Slovenia require a specific number of vehicles to be registered within the company.

If you plan on opening a transport company and do business in Slovenia, our accountants can offer you accountancy services and tax consultation in accordance to Slovenian bookkeeping standards. Company Data has 45 consultants from several field of expertise. Our experts can offer business consulting regarding taxation, labor law, HR and entrepreneurship. Additionally, our legal department in Data can also prepare contracts that are in accordance with civil and commercial Slovenian legislation so that you are sure to do business in Europe correctly.

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Transport companies in Slovenia – is it mandatory to have a vehicle to register the company?

Just to register transport companies, it is not mandatory that you already have vehicles.

To be able to obtain the license for international transportation, you would have to open an LTD company. If you already have an existing LTD company abroad, you can also open a subsidiary in Slovenia.

The procedure of registering transport companies in Slovenia is the same for locals and foreigners. In the company Data, we prepare all the documents that you need for company registration in advance. Additionally, that the minimal founding capital to register a LTD company is 7.500 EUR if you plan on buying your vehicles. It has to be 9.000 EUR if you plan on leasing your vehicles.

After company registration, you can use the founding capital to pay salaries, investments and expenses of business conduct. Registering transport companies with our assistance is a simple procedure.

Transport companies in Slovenia – is it mandatory to have a vehicle to obtain a license for international transportation?

In order to obtain the international license for transportation, you would need to have at least one vehicle.

You would need to obtain the license if you plan on doing business of transport with trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons.

Once you have registered the transport company in Slovenia, you can start obtaining the license to provide services of transportation. The conditions that you have to fulfill are that you have at least one vehicle; that you are able to prove financial capability and have a responsible person – vehicle manager. You can prove financial capability with the height of founding capital or leasing a vehicle that is worth 9000 EUR, and 5000 EUR for every following vehicle. It takes roughly 15 days to obtain the license from the moment of submission of the complete documentation.

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