Financial funds for your business in Slovenia – EU

Financial funds for business in Slovenia, EU

Financial funds are available for legal entities in Slovenia, as one of the main tasks of the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology is to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy. More precisely – business environment for the growth and development of enterprises. For example, entrepreneurs can get financial funds through a number of tenders. This year there is available nearly 300 million euros.

Financial funds – additonal source for development

European funds are great opportunity to get additional sources of financing for development of successful businesses in the EU! Furthermore some financial funds are for start-ups, You can use them right after you set up your business.

Setting up business in Slovenia

Our experts will be pleased to help you with registration of a company and providing your business activity! Since, we have 28 years of experience and experienced professionals in different areas of business and law, which allow us to give 100% guarantee on our services. Same as one of the biggest companies in this sphere, we offer all services you need in a one place and we have our own legal department where foreign entrepreneurs can get full legal support.

In addition, the procedure of company registration lasts one hour, while you company will be established in 2-4 days.

This year there are 40 tenders for strengthening the business environment.

Your company founded in Slovenia will be in exactly the same position as companies whose owners are Slovenian citizens regarding obtaining the European funds for various projects and development. Therefore, we suggest to hurry up with the company registration and application for financial funds. This year Slovenian companies can choose between 40 different tenders with financial incentives totaling approx. 300 million euros.

We have varied skills and extensive experience in obtaining grants and financial funds in the DATA Company. Moreover, we prepare projects for small entrepreneurs as well as larger international consortia. Therefore, do not waste your time with logistics, if you can get everything in one place. Register a company, get our legal support for procedure of business immigration. Finally yet importantly – get ready for applying for financial funds for your business with us!

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