Obligations of employers in Slovenia/EU: employing foreign citizens

Obligations of employers in SloveniaEU employing foreign citizens

Obligations of employers in Slovenia: what do you have to be aware when employing non-EU citizens?

Do you plan do do business in Europe and in the process want to employ non-EU citizens? You can do it with a company in Slovenia. But do you know the obligations of employers in Slovenia? The work of a non-EU citizen your company also requires some formalities. But foreigners must also arrange other documentation. An non-EU citizen who wants to work in Slovenia needs a single residence and work permit. The administrative unit issues it. The Employment Service also issues a consent to the permit. In this article we will present all the steps you need to know.

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The obligations of employers in Slovenia: active business conduct

What are the conditions that the law sets? The Employment Office issues a consent to the employment of a non-EU citizen with the employer. But the employer needs to meet these conditions:

  • there is no suitable person in the register of unemployed persons for the job position of your candidate;
  • the employer is duly registered and is not in liquidation,
  • the employer is active. That he has employed at least one person full-time for 6 months prior to the application. In case of a sole trader, he must be included in  compulsory social insurance for at least the last 6 months. The the other option is that he has had inflows in each of the last 6 months in in the amount of EUR 10,000.
  •  if the employer is registered for less than 6 months, he must demonstrate an investment of EUR 50,000 for the activity in which the worker will perform work
  • the employer has paid all taxes.

Pension in Slovenia/EU

The obligations of employers in Slovenia: how to arrange insurance for a non-EU citizen?

What is the first step when you employ someone? The employer must take care of the registration of a foreign worker for the health insurance. The obligation begins on the day of starting the work, agreed in the employment contract. It has to be equal to or later than the date until the single permit, EU blue card, or other type of work permit is still valid.
The employer must submit the M1 form within eight days from the occurrence of the legal relationship.  The basis for the insurance is the beginning of the employment relationship.

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The work of a non-EU citizen and change of the data related to the permit

What are the obligations of employers in Slovenia in case of any changes to the permit? For the work of a non-EU citizen who obtains a new work permit, the employer must notify the change of the data on the M3 form. This change applies in the case of an extension of the single work permit. It also applies in the case of a newly issued permit as a result of a change of his or her job.

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The work of a non-EU citizen in Slovenia and posting to work abroad

Do you plan to work in other EU lands? The non-EU citizen who works in a company in Slovenia may also carry out the work abroad. But the employer has to obtain an A1 certificate. In addition to the usual conditions, A1 may be issued for a maximum period until which the work permit is still valid. We post useful facts also on our Facebook and Instagram.

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The obligations of employers in Slovenia and deregistration from insurance

How do you end the work of a non-EU citizen? When the work of a non-EU citizen in your company becomes no longer needed for any reason, the employer must arrange for the person to be deregistered from the insurance. The employer must file it within eight days.
If the employee’s contract is terminated before the end of the single permit, the employer shall submit only proof of the termination of the employment contract. The employer does no longer have to obtain a proof of deregistration from the ZRZS in advance. Our legal experts can assist in all these procedures.

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