Registration of the company in Slovenia – invest money in material resources

Registration of the company in Slovenia - instead of money invest in material resources

Lately we get a lot queries from foreign companies and entrepreneurs, most of them are involved in the transport activity, whether it is possible to use instead of cash capital a tangible assets (truck) as a founding capital of the company.

Yes, it is possible. In this case the registration of the company is done at the notary and can not be done free of charge at our »One stop shop«. Our legal advisors and consultants can offer complete support in the process and assist you in the registration of the company in Slovenia, also at the notary if you decide for this option.

If you decide to invest material resources instead of founding capital, they have to be be worth at least 7.500 euros, as this is the minimum start-up capital for registration of the company in Slovenia.

These material resources can be trucks, machinery, real estate. Before you arrange a registration of the company, a notary must determine the value of material. Therefore, the first step is going to the court appraiser for adequate area to determine the value of an asset and next step is going to a notary where the registration process takes place. Instead of submitting certificates of deposit of founding capital, entrepreneur provides report from judicial appraisers about the value of an asset.

Company Data offers you complete support in the process of registration of the company in Slovenia, offers also business address service, accounting services, legal advices in the field of employment, economic and migration law, accounting and tax consulting and other business support.

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