Change of company name – what is good to know?

Change of company name - what is good to know?

Change of company name

Change of a company name is a process that an entrepreneur can perform at a DATA company. Before the procedure, it is good to get as much information as possible and consider all options. Our business consultants are very helpful in this. But in order to change the name of the company at all, you must first set up a company! You can always do this at Data. If you would also like to establish a company, call us on 00386 030 640 995 (Viber/WhatsApp)We will tell you all the details!

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Change of company name in a limited liability company (d.o.o.)

If the name of the company is changing by the entrepreneur in his d.o.o., then the Act establishing the company is changing during the procedure. The company’s representative adopts a decision to changing the name of the company. Which is entered in the electronic book of decisions of this company in a sole proprietorship. The signed clean copy of the deed of incorporation is then submitted electronically to the registration court by the DATA point clerk. Within a few days, the entrepreneur receives a court decision to change the name of the company by mail to the company’s address. The changing of company name is then entered in the register of companies AJPES. Of course, the entrepreneur must inform his accountant, the bank and all business partners about the change of company name.

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What should you think about before changing the name of a company?

If the agent wishes to change the name of the company, he must comply with the provisions of Articles 20 and 21 of the Companies Act. Which set out the rules regarding the imaginary name of the company.  The business consultant at Data explains the legislation to the entrepreneur and advises on the imaginary name. It also advises him on the process of the intended company. And explains the importance of the company name from a marketing point of view. Entrepreneurs, if you are just about to decide to change the name of the company and you are delaying the procedure due to lack of information, write to us at and order advice from our business consultants.

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