Legal support at DATA – intervention measures in Slovenia

Legal support at DATA – intervention measures in Slovenia

Many entrepreneurs doing business in Europe have experiences the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. In Slovenia, the government has already released a set of measures to support the economy. This week, the government will release additional measures in order to prevent further economic damage. At DATA, we are offering legal support to entrepreneurs with business in Slovenia who want to take advantage of those measures. Find out what kind of legal support the lawyers at DATA can offer you.

Data d.o.o. has been supporting entrepreneurs with company registration in Slovenia for nearly 30 years. In addition to our professional accounting services, we also provide consultation on Slovenian legislation. Our legal advisors can also offer full legal support with applying for the economic measures of the government. This will enable you to focus on developing your business and not waste valuable time studying the legislation.

Legal support at DATA – first round of governmental measures to support the Slovenian economy

The Slovenian government released the first round of economic measures to ease the effects of the coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia. The intervention act included the first round of measures and was published last week It is expected that this week they will issue new, additional measures to prevent further economic damage to companies in Slovenia. DATA can offer legal support both in understanding the measures as well as explain how to enforce them. One of the measures includes the option to waitlist employees due to lack of workload. But there are specific steps you have to follow, where DATA can offer the legal support to do it correctly.

Frequently asked questions that our legal advisors can answer

Our lawyers can offer legal support in addressing the following questions:
–  Under which conditions can employees work from home?
–  How can a company waitlist an employee?
–  Can a company send the employee on unpaid leave during the epidemic?
– Can the employer conclude a new contract with the employee that is valid only during the time of the outbreak?
– What rights do employees have under the new intervention act?
– What are the rights of employers under this act?
– Can employers already take advantage of the measures in the regular legislation under the Employment relations act?
– How can a company apply for tenders that are released to prevent economic damage of the outbreak?

These are only the most common questions that our legal advisors receive and can help with. They are well versed in the existing legislation as well as in the newly issued legislation that include the intervention acts.

Legal support to apply for tenders – DATA can help you!

The government also issued a new tender to obtain credit for operative expenses or investments – credit P1. Our legal advisors can explain the conditions of the tender and whether your company is eligible for it. We also offer legal support in the whole application process. This includes preparation of the business plan, financial projections and also preparing and submitting the application on your behalf. DATA can take on the burden of the preparation so that you can focus on developing your business and having enough liquidity to endure during the time of extraordinary circumstances.

Do not hesitate and turn to DATA for support. For more information, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). Additionally, follow us on Facebook.

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