Company Data became a partner of Google

Company Data became a partner of Google

Company DATA recommend you to advertise on the Internet

Company Data thinks that advertising on the Internet is becoming more widespread in Slovenia, certainly in different browsers, but the most commonly used Google AdWords.

Advertising on Google has a lot of advantages over the use of all traditional advertising in magazines, on the radio, on city billboards, etc .. What is the benefit and the main advantage of advertising on the Internet:

  1. This is a low initial investment, so this type of advertising available to many companies, even with a low capital investment.
  2. Companies that will be (or are) advertising with Google AdWords will find a highly targeted potential customers.
  3. After creating your ad in Google AdWords, for example, you can be sure that your ad will “look” only for those who are already interested in such information on certain words or tags.
  4. Also, the company can accurately determine the effectiveness of these promotional activities, that is to track the number of visits and conversions (purchases). These are the main reasons why we recommend our customers to advertise on Google AdWords.

To get certified Google AdWords, candidates from our company had to demonstrate advanced knowledge of Google AdWords and the entire network Google. And two of our colleagues from the Web Marketing successfully passed such examinations and received certification for Google AdWords. And the company Data has become a partner of Google AdWords.

Get this status, our company was able to because we have, as mentioned earlier, certified professionals in AdWords and our investments in the last ninety days were higher than $ 10,000.

To assist you in promoting your business online, our experts on marketing issues and Google AdWords accounts will be glad to provide you with comprehensive consultancy.

Do you need help or advice on the establishment of a web page? Our experts will also be happy to offer you full support, and can also create a web page for you and your company.

Company Data has a state license for the registration of companies. All procedures can make the same point. As practice shows, the first 2 years of the company are the most important for future development. That is why our services include a whole range of issues in the field of business, marketing, taxation, finance and accounting services, we provide full legal and personnel support, and assist in the social adaptation.

We will be happy to answer you r questions. Call: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp) or write to You can also follow us on Facebook.

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