Ranking of Slovenia – scale by World Bank Group

Ranking of Slovenia – scale by World Bank Group

The economic indicators for doing business in Slovenia keep on improving. Recently, the World Bank Group has made a research to scale countries on their business development. They named the scale Doing Business 2020. Slovenia’s ranking improved for 3 places and we currently hold the 37th spot. This year, we have surpassed Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

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What is the World Bank Group’s scale called Doing Business 2020?

This year’s report called Doing Business 2020 is already the 17th consecutive report which the World Bank Group prepared. They evaluate regulations in each country concerning business activity and do country rankings accordingly. It includes quantitative indicators regarding the regulations pertaining to business and protection of property rights. You can compare this data in 190 countries over a longer time period. The areas it includes in this year’s report are connected to the simplicity of business conduct. They include: company registration, obtaining construction permits, providing electrical energy, registration of real estate, obtaining loans, protection of small-scale investors, paying taxes, cross-border services etc.

Slovenia’s ranking improved for 3 places comparing to last year’s report

Slovenia now has the 37th ranking in this report. The biggest improvement was in the area of protecting small-scale shareholders. Also, Slovenia holds the highest ranking on the area of cross-border services amongst all countries. We also hold a high position when it comes to ensuring electrical energy. Slovenia improved the ranking concerning company registration and we still hold the lowest expense for company registration. Because you can register a company at the licensed VEM point, there are no expenses for company registration itself.

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