Firm registration in Slovenia – starting a business

Firm registration in Slovenia

Firm registration in Slovenia offers various options for each, regardless of the fact if you are or if you are not EU citizen. Anyone can register a company in Slovenia and perform a business here and in EU. In the following text we will present various option for firm registration in Slovenia, which you can register with the support of our legal advisor, who will give you all the necessary infomation about corporative law in Slovenia.

Registration of LTD company in Slovenia

To establish a new LTD company all foreign founders/representatives need a Slovenian tax number and certificate of non-criminal record. We can help you to obtain all stated. After we’ll get Slovenian tax numbers for you we will make a reservation of name of the company. Then you can come to the registration procedure to DATA. For the registration of the company in Slovenia, you will need also  7.500 EUR of founding capital. Founding capital can be spent for the purpose of business, after company is established.

LTD in Slovenia – where establisher is another legal entity

In case that legal entity will be a shareholder of the company, we need to obtain tax number for legal entity as well. The rest of procedure for firm registration stays the same as above.

Firm registration – branch office

You can register a branch office – the procedure have to be done at the notary, which is to be paid additionally. When establishing a branch office you do not need to put founding capital and activities of the branch company must be the same as in parent company.

The fastest and most easy procedure for firm registration in Slovenia is the option no. 1. We can obtain Slovenian documents for you in approximately 1-2 days after receiving originally signed power of attorney.

Firm registration in Slovenia – we will help!

We will help you to arrange everything you need for firm registration and business operations in Slovenia in one place. You can be sure that we will strive to meet your requirements.  We are leading company in Slovenia providing support for entrepreneurs. Our experts from legal, accounting, marketing and business field ensure that our results are optimal. We will be happy to answer your questions via email:, phone: +386 1 6006 270, Viber: +386 40 530 718. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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