Statement of the business address for the company

Statement of the business address for the company

When establishing a company in Slovenia, all companies require to have a business address in Slovenia. Entrepreneurs often ask us, where the business address can be and what proof they have to bring with them to register it to a certain address. We will be explaining what kind of statement you need in order to register your company’s address to a certain address in Slovenia.

Statement of the business address for the company – company registration in Slovenia

A non-EU citizen can register an LTD company. When a foreigner is registering a company in Slovenia, he needs to present a Slovenian tax number, 7.500€, valid passport and a statement of the owner of the business address. He needs to be present in Slovenia for this process and also for opening the bank account. It takes around 1 month to finalize all company registration procedures and start your business in Slovenia.

What type of document is a statement of the business address for the company?

When registering a company in order to do business in Europe, you have to show a business address in Slovenia. To make the registration at a certain address, you need the owner of that space to allow you to register your company there. For that the owner has to sign a special statement that he allows a specific company to have the business address at the address of the property that he owns.

How is the statement of the business address certified?

Only signing the statement is not enough for the document to be accepted by the registering court in Slovenia. The owner of the property has to take the signed statement to the notary or local administrative unit in order for them to notarize his signature. He has to bring with him a valid passport or ID. The notary would charge around 17 € for this notarization, while the administrative unit charges around 3€ for the same process.

To avoid this cost, the owner can also come to the VEM point with the entrepreneur who will be registering the company and sign the statement there. The consultant at the VEM point will notarize his signature free of charge.

When submitting the statement to court, the document cannot be older than 30 days.

Do you need to show the statement of the business address only when registering a new company?

Every time the company would change its business address you need to provide a new statement from the owner of the business address. The document has to be signed and notarized as mentioned in the paragraph above.

If ownership of the property is shared, it is sufficient that a co-owner who owns at least 25% of the property, signs and notarizes the statement to allow the company to be registered at his address.

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