Become a business owner in Slovenia – all you need to know!

Become a business owner

Become a business owner in Slovenia in a few steps. Having your own business offers you freedom. You can also choose between diferent company types. Start a business in Slovenia with the help of Data. We offer full support to everyone, who wants to become a business owner. The first step on your journey is to call us on Viber/WhatsApp (+386 40 530 718) and set up an appointment.

Start business in EU with our help!

Do you already own a business? Expand to Slovenia by opening a branch or subsidiary. In any case you need help with that, you can talk to our business consultants. Additionally, we offer legal services. All you need to do is write us an e-mail to

How to register your company in Slovenia?

What you need to become a business owner

First of all, you need a good business idea. The next step is choosing the right company type. Although there are several to choose from. Opening an LLC is the easiest way to become a business owner. At least for foreigners. In order to open other types of companies, you will need to reside in Slovenia first.

Anyway, firstly, you will go to the bank and open a temporary bank account. That is to deposit your founding capital. Next step is coming to the DATA point for company registration. If you need advice before that, you can talk to our business consultants.

Call us on +386 40 530 718  (Viber/WhatsApp)

Process of company registration

Once your founding capital is deposited, you are on your way to become a business owner. You can do it yourself or with other shareholders. In any case, you all have to come to the DATA point.

You need to bring:

  • Your documents (ID, permanent address)
  • Name of the company
  • Business address (with the owner’s permission statement)
  • Chosen company activities
  • Slovenian tax number

However, if you do not have all documents, do not worry. We can help you with everything.

Immigration to Slovenia

Become a business owner with the help of Data

We will help you become a business owner by helping you provide other documents. For example Slovenian tax number, company name reservation, Founding company Act etc.

All you need to do now is book a consutlatation with one of our experts. You can also get legal advice and accounting services. Just call us on Viber or WhatsApp +386 40 530 718 or send us an e-mail: We will also be happy to see if you follow us on Facebook!

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