Toll in Germany: reimbursement of costs for trucks!

Toll in Germany reimbursement of costs for trucks!

Tolls on German motorways are not provided for cars, buses and also some other groups of vehicles. Trucks need to pay for it. The German toll for trucks is not in line with European law according to the European Court of Justice. That is why companies can claim reimbursement. What conditions do you have to meet?


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Toll in Germany: how is it paid?

In Germany, all trucks with a permissible gross weight of more than 7.5 tones have to pay a toll for the use of motorways.

 The toll in Germany depends on:

  • vehicle emission class,
  • number of axles and
  • the length of the toll road.


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Toll for trucks overcharged!

In its judgment C-321/19 of 28 October 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that tolls or their amount did not comply with European Union law.

As is apparent from the grounds of the judgment, the toll for trucks should include only infrastructure costs. However, the German Federal Government also took into account the costs of the traffic police when determining the amount of the toll, although these do not represent the costs of operating the infrastructure.


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Toll for lorries: you are entitled to a refund!

The toll in Germany paid by the companies for the trucks included, among other things, the costs of the traffic police, amounting to 4% of the toll.

According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice, companies or toll payers can claim reimbursement of costs from the German federal government, which refers to the said 4%.


Toll for trucks: submission of applications

Due to strict statutes of limitations, companies are unable to claim claims incurred in the years before 2017. This means that all German toll payers can apply for a refund. The refund is possible of at least that part of the toll paid in the years 2017 to 2020 which related to costs traffic police. The limitation period is 3 years. This means that all receivables incurred in 2017 would therefore become statute-barred on 31 December 2020.

It is therefore advisable and also necessary to act quickly if you want the toll that you have paid too much to be reimbursed. You can submit applications in several ways, but they cannot be combined with each other.



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Toll for lorries: how to apply?

1: A company can register on this website without obligation and submit its claim for overpaid toll.

2: Individually with a lawyer of your choice.

3: On the basis of a model letter prepared by the German association of carriers BGL.


The deadline for submitting applications regarding refund of a toll in Germany is December 4, 2020. Hurry before your application expires.

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