Reunite your family – start a business in Slovenia

reunite your family

Reunite your family by starting a business in Slovenia. The process of family reunification is quite quick. Once it begins it can be done in about two years. However, you have to open a company in Slovenia and obtain a work and residence permit first. How can you do that? What happens next? What are the alternatives? Data can undoubtedly help you with all your questions, so contact us! Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! Or you can also write to!

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Reunite your family by starting a business

When you decide you want to start a business in Slovenia, you can get all you need from Data. Here we help foreigners open businesses, obtain work and residence permits and more! Hence, how do you start a business? First you need to decide on the company type. People usually choose between LTD and sole proprietorship. But if you already have a company abroad, you can also open a branch or subsidiary. Do you want to open company? Then contact us!

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Conditions for family reunification

If you are planning to reunite your family, you will need to meet certain conditions. Firstly, you have to obtain a work and residence permit. Start your business and obtain the permit with the help of our business consultants. Additionally, you have to have sufficient resources to support your family. The proof of sufficient resources has to expand over 6 months and the month of your application. For financial advice, you can contact our accounting department. Do that both by calling and writing. Our number (Viber/WhatsApp) is +386 40 530 718 and our e-mail address is

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Reunite your family quicker

There are some exceptions, where you don’t have to wait as long to reunite your family. If your residence in Slovenia is in the interest of the country, the process can be shortened. Additionally, you get an advantage if you have a Blue card. That means that you came to Slovenia on ground of higher education. If you would like to know more about the exceptions in family reunification laws, you can contact us here. Also check our Facebook for more articles on opening businesses in Slovenia.

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Open an company at a DATA point

Here at Data we can help you with opening business in Slovenia. Reach us on Viber or WhatsApp  +386 40 530 718. Write us an e-mail: We also offer legal sevices. If you decide to open a business with us, you can get an accountant from our accounting service. So, don’t wait and start you business in Slovenia today!

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