Regulations within a company in Slovenia, EU

Regulations within a company in Slovenia, EU

Preparing internal regulations within a company in Slovenia is a topic employer sometimes prefer to avoid. This is mostly due to the fact that they do not understand the true importance of these regulations. In addition, these regulations are not intended for inspectors, but to enforce good working relations within the company. Mostly, they are necessary to legally protect both the employer and the employees.

Regulations within a company are mandatory for good working relations and efficient work

Internal company regulations should not be an end in itself. Mostly, you should not prepare them only for the purposes of inspection. Each of them has to be carefully written and prepared for each individual case, depending on the nature of business conduct of each company. They also depend on the employment structure within the company. Also, they depend on the nature of work, which the employer requires and expects. An appropriate set of company policies makes doing business in Slovenia easier.

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Regulation on holiday leave

The regulation on holiday leave has to include the specifics of each individual business activity that the company performs. This means it has to include when the scope of the work is the biggest and when the smallest. It also has to include what risks the employees are subjected to, which justify the allocation of additional holiday leave.

Regulation about arrival and departure from the workplace

There is also a regulation, which specifically defines the time of arrival and departure to the place of work. Based on this, you can sanction an employee, who is constantly late for work. But in order to be able to enforce this rule, you have to prepare this specific policy within your company. Without any written regulation that you present to the employees in advance it would be difficult for you to enforce any actions to the rule-breaking employee.

Regulation about alcohol intoxication on the workplace

Do you suspect that one of your employees came to the workplace intoxicated? You have to remove such an employee from the workplace according to the Law on safety and health on the workplace. But if you did not put the company policy in writing about how you can check for alcohol intoxication of the employee, you cannot subject him to testing and prove his alcohol intoxication.

Safety at the workplace regulation

If you plan on doing business in Europe when you establish a company in Slovenia, you also have to make sure that your employees are appropriately educated and prepared for doing their work safely. You have to make sure that the company has taken all necessary measures to avoid any penalties or claims for damages in case of work-related injuries. If you are not sure, we advise you to take up consultation with a legal advisor from this field in order to make sure that your business conduct is in accordance to Slovenian legislation.

Let the legal department of Data help you to set up your company’s internal regulations!

Well-prepared internal regulations of a company naturally take time to prepare, but also might require a certain amount of financial investment to make sure that they are completely correct. But when you consider that you can avoid negative consequences by having the the company policies in order, the initial investment may seem as an inconsiderable amount to spend. The legal department at Data can help you to understand the legislation for each specific field. They can also prepare the internal regulations for your company.

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