Start a new business in Slovenia, Europe

Start a new business in Slovenia, EU

To start a new business in Slovenia you will need to take certain steps to make sure you will succeed. To start a new business can exciting, but it also requires a lot of time as a future businessman need to adopt defining steps while launching a new business in order to make sure that that particular business will be successful one.

Start a new business – business plan

The most important step, before you Will start a new business, is to prepare a business plan where you determine activity of your business. At the same time you have to be clear which methods will you use and what are your objectives. Make sure your business plan includes marketing element so that people know what you sell or what services are you providing and most importantly – how to find you. As we have marketing department in Data, we will be glad to help you set a new web site for your business and also to solve all possible issues related to the marketing. Our practice is that for each client we prepare an appropriate site according to the needs of each.

Each business person understand the competition is huge regardless of market. Therefore it is always good to crate business logo so that clients could remember you.

Choose your accountant and legal adviser. Since large companies have their own lawyers and accountants, someone with small business should consider that option as well. The question is, how to choose suitable consultant or accountant? Try to choose company that has long and successful experience with such accounting service or legal issues, except that, try to reach clients of that company and find out what are their experiences.

Start a new business with Data, if you want to receive all the services under one roof.

Where to start a new business?

Your business should be established in safe and economically stable country. Our company Data can offer you all the services in one place to start your new business. You can register your company for free at our offices. We can in your name obtain all the needed documents to start your new business in Slovenia.

After you Will start your new business, our experst can help you obtain work and residence permit! They Will explain you everyting about business migration to Slovenia. You can also obtain the permits for your family members.

Our specialists offer our clients business consulting for already 28 years – regarding tax law, accounting services, employment law and marketing.

If you have more questions on how to start a new business, please contact our consultant by phone +386 1 6006 270 or +386 1 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also write us an e-mail to

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