Living expenses in Slovenia

Living expenses in Slovenia

What are the living expenses in Slovenia? Are you planning the process of business immigration to Slovenia and would like to learn about the level of expenses that are waiting for you?

To what should you pay attention in Slovenia when planning expenses and what kind of pricing policy is expected with a move to Slovenia?

Living expenses in Slovenia and distribution of costs can be calculated using this statistical model:

  • 31,6% of your budget will be spent on food and essential goods
  • 19,7% will go for rent
  • 13,4% for restaurants
  • 13% for transportation expenses
  • 11% for utility costs
  • 7% for sport and leisure
  • Clothing and shoes

Living expenses in Slovenia by categories

Restaurants: the average price of a meal in a non-expensive restaurant costs 6-8 EUR; a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant costs 20 –40 EUR; coffee (cappuccino) costs from 1,20 EUR to 1,50 EUR, Coca-Cola 1,50 EUR to 2,00 EUR.

Food and essential goods: milk 0,68 EUR – 1,00 EUR; bread 0,80 EUR to 1,50 EUR; eggs (12 pieces) 1,50 EUR to 2,39 EUR; chicken breasts (without bones, without skin) 1 kg 5,00 EUR to 8,00 EUR.

Transportation: bus ticket 1,10 – 1,20 EUR, monthly ticket for public transport 25,00 – 38,00 EUR; taxi for 1 km 0,80 – 1,00 EUR; gas (1 l) 1,18 – 1,33 EUR.

Utility expenses: basic (electricity, heating, water, waste disposal) for an apartment of 85 m2: 136,00 – 260,00 EUR; internet (cable television) 20,00 – 34,00 EUR.

Sport and leisure: fitness club 30,00 – 50,00 EUR monthly, cinema ticket 5,00 – 7,00 EUR.

Rent: one-bedroom apartment in Ljubljana costs from 250 – 500 EUR per month.

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