Prices of real estate in Slovenia, EU

Prices of real estate in Slovenia, EU

Real estate business in Slovenia is currently one of the most lucrative businesses in Slovenia. At this point in time the demand is higher than the supply and therefore many new construction projects are developed. So, when the newly constructed buildings will be ready, investing in such real estate is a good opportunity to develop your business in Slovenia. To get a better understanding of what kind of prices you can expect, we will be explaining the prices for buying real estate and what kind of rent for real estate is currently on the market.

Prices of real estate in Slovenia – buying real estate

If you are interested in doing your business in Europe, Slovenia is a good place to choose. Its location in central Europe, with access to the sea and its beautiful nature, are what piqued the interest of tourists around the world. Due to the fact of increasing tourism and also the good business opportunities, more and more people are coming to Slovenia for short-term and also long-term. Which is why investment in residential real estate is currently a great possibility to do business in Slovenia. Most non-EU citizens cannot buy real estate as natural persons. Therefore, they have to buy the property through opening a company in Slovenia. Through the same company they can also do their business activity. It can be either renting  for short-term to tourists or long term to residents or students.

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Prices for purchasing real estate in Slovenia

The capital city, Ljubljana, is one of the most attractive locations for purchasing real estate in Slovenia. Many people live here due to the capital being the part of Slovenia offering the most jobs. But also due to its popularity with tourists, there is an increase in short-term rent of apartments – either through AirBnB or another accommodation portal. Currently, the prices of real estate are the highest in Ljubljana – approximately 2270€ per square meter for an apartment built in 1974 and the size being 52 square meters. If it is a newer apartment, the prices can be an average of 3680€ per square meter.

Also, an attractive location, mainly for tourism, is the seaside of Slovenia. The main city there is Koper, which is also the location of the Slovenian international port. The prices there range from 2190€ per square meter for older apartments and 2770€ per square meter for newer apartments.

Other bigger towns in Slovenia are Maribor and Celje. They are located in the eastern part of Slovenia, close to Austria. The prices there are cheaper than in Ljubljana and the seaside. They amount to around 1330€ per square meter for older apartments and 1680€ per square meter for newer apartments.

Prices of rent in Slovenia

Buying real estate in Slovenia is a good investment because there is a lot of demand for long-term and short-term rent. The price of rent has increased for 5-10% from the previous years and can range approximately 10€ per square meter. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Ljubljana can cost 380€ to 400€ per month. In the last years, there is less long-term rent and more short-term rent through AirBnB and In Ljubljana, 38% of all the property renting takes place. Also, there is more demand for renting property in the areas which employs more workers (like Novo Mesto in the South-Eastern part of Slovenia), where bigger companies like Revoz and CGP are located. Additionally, higher rent can be expected in the coastal regions and near Lake Bled, which has a strong emphasis on tourism.

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