Comparison of VAT rates in Slovenia and other EU countries

Comparison of VAT rates in Slovenia and other EU countries

Where does Slovenia rank regarding the rate of VAT in comparison to the neighboring states and other EU countries? Below we have prepared an informative table for the comparison of both standard and reduced rates of VAT for Slovenia and other EU countries so that you know what to expect when doing business in Slovenia.

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Standard and reduced rates of VAT in the EU

When doing business in Europe, entrepreneurs have to consider all expenses they might have if they open a company in a specific country. Value added tax or VAT is used in all European countries. Hence, the rates of VAT are an important decision factor when doing the comparison. All EU states use standard and reduced VAT rates. The reduced rate is usually used only for certain goods or services, as the country where the VAT is calculated decides. In Slovenia, the reduced rate includes food products (and beverages, except alcohol), supply of water, medicine and medical equipment, passenger transportation, books, entrance fees etc. The law also predicts cases where you are exempt of VAT calculation.

Comparison table of VAT rates of Slovenia and other EU countries

Below, we have prepared the comparison table for Slovenia and some of the nearby member states.

Member State Standard rate Reduced rate
Germany 19% 7%
Austria 20% 10/13%
Great Britain 20% 5%
France 20% 5,5/10%
Belgium 21% 6/12%
Czech Republic 21% 10/15%
Italy 22% 5/10%
Slovenia 22% 9,5%
Croatia 25% 5/13%
Hungary 27% 5/18%

Source: VAT rates applied in the Member States of the European Union (2019)

As you can see, the VAT standard rate can be compared to countries like Italy and is also similar to countries like Belgium and Czech Republic. In comparison, Hungary has the highest VAT standard rate.

Comparison of the turnover amount where is required to enter the VAT system

When doing a comparison of VAT rates, it is also important to understand the height of the turnover, when a company is required to enter the VAT system. If the amount is below a certain number, the company does not have to enter the VAT system.

Below we are presenting you with the approximate amounts for each of those countries, when the company is required to enter the VAT system and obtain the VAT number.

Member state Comparison of turnover to enter the VAT system
Germany 17.500 EUR
Austria 30.000 EUR
Great Britain 97.382 EUR* or 85.000 GBP
France 82.200 EUR (42.900 EUR or 33.200 EUR for services)
Belgium 25.000 EUR
Czech Republic 39.362 EUR or 1.000.000 CZK
Italy 65.000 EUR
Slovenia 50.000 EUR
Croatia 40.324 EUR* or 300.000 HNK
Hungary 25.087 EUR* oz. 8.000.000 HUF

Source:, data for April 2018 and (26.4.2019)

From the table of comparison, you can see that Slovenia’s level, at which a company is required to enter the VAT system is quite high and therefore does not present burdening frames for entrepreneurs. But should you want to enter the VAT system before reaching this threshold, you can also enter it voluntarily.

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