Presentation of Slovenia: a choice for life and business in Europe!

Presentation of Slovenia a choice for life and business in Europe!

Presentation of Slovenia: a hidden gem in Europe!

After a year of the global pandemic, life is slowly getting back to normal. The businesses are opening again and the business people are looking for new ways to capitalize their products and services. Usually this means also expanding to new markets. Europe is a large global market with almost 750 million people who live here. The European Union offers free transfer of goods and movement of people. Because of this it is a top choice for people to set up a business in one of the EU countries. Slovenia is also one of them and is considered a hidden gem. In this presentation of Slovenia you will see why this country is a top choice for life and business in Europe!

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The basic facts about Slovenia

Slovenia is a central European country. It lies next to the Adriatic Sea. Next to Slovenia, there is Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. The capital city is Ljubljana. Slovenia is a small country, with less then 2 million inhabitants. But despite of its size, it has a lot to offer.

This is because of the location and the fact that it is an EU and Schengen member state. Also, here we use EURO as the currency. Ths makes business and travel a lot easier.

Slovenia became an independent country in 1991, so this year we celebrate 30 years of the country. The official language is Slovenian but people in the country are fluent in many other languages. This is mainly English, Italian, Croatian and German. The political system is a parliamental democracy. Learn more about it also on our Facebook and Instagram.

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Presentation of Slovenia: the facts about the economy

Slovenia is a member of EU, Schengen and NATO. Also, it is a member of the UN, the Council of Europe and the World Trade Organization. In the region it is considered a developed country. The yearly GDP (gross domestic product) is 48,393 million EUR. It is strong in the mining industry as well as in service activities. The industry and construction add to about one quarter of the GDP. The services add up to almost 60% of the GDP. There are only 12% of the land available for agriculture. This is why sectors like tourism grew. This way the economy can benefit from the beautiful and untouched nature.

Because of the strong tourism sector, towns on the coast  like Piran, Portorož and Izola became important tourist spots. In the mountains, there are ski resorts in the cities of Maribor, Kranjska Gora, Vogel and Rogla. In the Eastern part of Slovenia, there are also many spas. Those are: Radenci, Moravske Toplice, Terme Čatež, Terme Dobrna etc.

In the presentation of Slovenia, it is important to mention Slovenia’s trading partners. Those are mainly countries like Germany and Italy in the EU. It depends on the foreign trade, as it equals to 120% of the GDP. This includes both import and export.

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Presentation of Slovenia: life and people

Setting up a business for the mosts part also means moving to the country to oversee it. Because of this, it is important to also see if the life in the country is suitable. Below are the reasons, why Slovenia is a top choice also for living here:

  • it is a “green country”. In the country, many ways to live a green lifestlye are accepted. This includes recycling, using alternative means of transport, buying and sourcing domestically, etc.
  • it is a safe country. Slovenia has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe!
  • on a small area, you have the sea, mountains, vineyards, spas and urban life.
  • Slovenia offers the universal healthcare.
  • the education in primary and secondary school is free of charge, also for foreign citizens.
  • people are friendly and speak English in most areas.
  • also, the standard of life is very high.
  • there is an international port, airport and railway connecting the country to the whole world.

This presentation of Slovenia is only the beginning of showing you what a great choice for life and business the country is. Our legal experts can support you in your dream to start your journey now. Write to us on

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