Main activity of a company in Slovenia, EU

Main activity of a company in Slovenia, EU

If you are planning to start your business in Slovenia, you would need to choose a main activity for your company. You can register more than one business activity within the company, but you would have to decide which of them will be your company’s main activity.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. has been specializing in helping local and foreign entrepreneurs with their business for more than 28 years. We provide professional accountancy services and tax consultation. Our legal team can help you to understand whether your main activity or any other of your chosen activities require abiding by special conditions. Additionally, we offer services of virtual office for companies that need a business address. We can offer full support if you have decided to start your business in Europe by registering a company in Slovenia.

Choosing a main activity of your company in Slovenia, EU

Company registration in Slovenia is the first step of conducing your business in Europe. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company in Slovenia. It requires 7.500€ share capital.

In the process of company registration, you will also sign the act of establishment for your company. Within you would have to list the business scope you plan on doing in Slovenia. Also, amongst them you would need to choose a main activity. It should be the one that will generate the majority of your company’s income.

The main business activity will also be a part of your company’s long name. In the process of company registration, you only insert the chosen business scope in the company’s act of establishment. Later, when you plan to conduct the specific business activity, you would have to know whether you need to abide by any additional conditions. Some activities are regulated, which means that they require licenses. Those activities are tourist agency, transportation of goods and temporary employment agency, for example. There are also some activities that do not require licenses, but you would have to fulfill specific conditions in order to carry them out legally. Those include restaurant business and guesthouses.

There are also certain business activities which you can do without fulfilling additional conditions. To list a few: IT services, renting out own real estate, consultation.

Is it possible to change the business scope later?

If you later see that you generate the most income with another business activity, you can also change the main activity free of charge at our VEM point. You can also add or remove them later on, if you develop an additional business idea after company registration.

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