Offering consultation through your company in Slovenia, EU

Offering consultation through your company in Slovenia, EU

Consultation is one of the broadest business activities you have register in Slovenia. Different skills and products require all types of consultation and you can use it to your advantage if you plan on having a business in Europe. Most consultation are very low-cost business activities where the most important business tool are your skills and experience.

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What type of consultation can you offer through your company in Slovenia?

The first step to starting your business in Slovenia is company registration. Non-EU citizens mostly opt to register an LTD company with 7.500€ founding capital. But if you have an existing business abroad and would like to expand your services to the European market, you can also register a branch office or a subsidiary.

Different business scopes demand that you register specifics business activities to cover the consultation you plan to render. You can offer marketing, business consultation, psychological, technical and spiritual consultation, for example.

Marketing consultation

One of the most commonly chosen business activities within the consulting sector is marketing consultation. It is so popular due to the fact that all services and products need a marketing approach in order to generate income. Some entrepreneurs do not know how to approach it, so they hire a professional to give them guidance. If you have marketing skills you can be the person advising others on how to promote their services. In that case you need to register the business activity under the SKD code 73.110 – Activity of marketing agencies.

Business consulting

If you are an experienced business person, you can help others with guiding them how to run their business more successfully. Within this activity you can consult on organizing accountancy systems, financial planning and control, for example. You can also offer consultation on sales and HR policies as well as organizing production and work. The business activity you have to register is Other business and entrepreneurial consultation (SKD code 70.220).

Personal and psychological consulting

If you plan to offer consultation in the support of personal growth and healthy way of life, you can register the business activity of Other unclassified education and training (SKD code 85.590). This type of consulting does not need a license or permit to conduct it.

Technical consultation

Technical consultation is quite a broad specter and can cover IT consultation, ecology, engineering or mechanics consultation. Each of these types requires registering different business activities. IT consultation (SKD code 62.020) does not require obtaining a license. But if you are offering engineering advice, you would need to pass a professional exam and enter the registry of authorized engineers.

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