Acquisition of real estate in Slovenia – one of the steps to promote your business in Europe

Acquisition of real estate in Slovenia

Acquisition of real estate in Slovenia to promote your business is the most optimal variant for expanding business in Europe. Slovenia – a beautiful and safe country in Central Europe with an attractive business environment, comfortable to live and work. The geographical position of Slovenia is attractive for thousands of foreign nationals that they are willing to invest in real estate, thus, qualifying for the integration of its business in Europe. Here you can purchase various properties, including land.

Options for the acquisition of real estate in Slovenia

For citizens of countries outside the EU, there are several options for the acquisition of real estate in Slovenia:

Our company has the ability and will be glad to assist you in finding the right property for you.

Cost per square meter apartments in Slovenia varies from 850 to 2.185 euros, depending on the region. Burn out most coastal cities are considered: Koper, Izola, Piran. Ljubljana is in second place in terms of price per square meter. meter – 2.177 euros. One of the cheapest regions are Zasavje – 856 euros per square meter. Koroška meter and 846 euros per square meter.

Slovenia Real Estate Agency will be the guarantor of the security of your transactions. The Agency will review and prepare all the documents. The maximum total amount of commission paid to the two sides of the same agency – 4%. If a transaction contains two agencies, one part of the buyer, and the other part of the seller, each agency.

Procedure of obtaining work and residence permit

Also based on the opening of the company, non-residents can start a procedure of obtaining unique resolution that is a work and residence permit in one resolution. By the way, buying a property on the company speeds up the procedure of issuing work and residence  permit, because it is an investment in the fixed assets of the company. Making investments in fixed assets of the company to a certain amount, you can immediately apply for the issue of a unique permit.

Our company will be glad to provide you with the full support of the whole process of business immigration to Slovenia. From the incorporation of the company till obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia.

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