Initial capital of the company in Slovenia – requirements and possibilities

Initial capital of the company in Slovenia – requirements and possibilities

The most popular company type for business in Slovenia is limited liability company. This is also a company type which foreigners can register even without prior residence in the country. But in order to register it, there are initial capital requirements which you have to meet. What are the requirements and what options do you have with the deposit?

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Minimal initial capital of an LTD company is 7500€

When registering an LTD company in Slovenia, you need to deposit the share capital. Without the deposit, the court cannot register the company. The minimal initial capital, or sometimes called share capital, which you have to deposit is 7500€. If there are more shareholders in the company, you can divide the percentage amongst yourselves depending your wishes. It is also possible that the company only has one shareholder, who deposit the whole amount of the initial capital.

When depositing the initial capital, you would need to open a bank account for it. As the company does not exist at this point, the bank only opens a temporary bank account. This bank account is used only for initial capital deposit. As soon so you make the deposit, the bank issues confirmation of deposit and the court can accept the company registration application. This will allow the company registration to proceed.

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Depositing initial capital – in account or material assets?

Usually, the 7500€ deposit is done by the shareholder either from their personal bank account or in cash. In case of registering daughter company, the initial capital has to come from the parent company’s bank account. Only a branch office does not require any initial capital deposit for the registration.

When depositing the initial capital in cash, the bank will require proof of origin of funds, so the better option is to transfer it from your personal bank account. This money is your company’s basic capital, which you can use for business expenses.

You can also deposit the capital through inserting material funds as initial capital. But the registration has to be done by a notary. At the registration itself, there have to be at least 2 Slovenian witnesses present and a court certified translator. Before that, you would have to engage a court appraiser to appraise the assets which you plan to show as initial capital. The appraisal amount still has to be at least 7500€.

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