European funds are available for tourism products and services

European funds for tourism

New European funds are available for small businesses engaged in tourism. This time around the European funds are intended for tourism products and services, more specifically for their development and promotion. The objective is to contribute to the increased competitiveness of Slovenian tourism companies on the global market.

In the public tender published by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT), entrepreneurs are offered European funds for the development and promotion of tourism products and services. If you are interested in this tender, you can contact our company Data to help you out with the application. Our referents can give you a lot of useful information that will make it easier for you to apply. You will also need a good business plan. Our employees can also help you out with that.

Who can apply and recieve European funds?

The purpose of the tender is to encourage companies to give a more innovative approach to the design of tourism products and services and to help them to market and promote them. Therefore small and medium-sized companies Will be able to develop tourism activities, which will contribute to the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises that deal with tourism in the world market.

The objective is also to encourage business, based on the principles of sustainable development and digital marketing. Therefore in the activities related to the placement of the tourist product on the market, the focus is on digital content. The entitled to European funds are private companies and private entrepreneurs from the field of tourism. Regardless of the company form, the applicant must fulfill the conditions for a small and medium-sized company.

Eight million euros of European funds

A total of eight million euros of European funds is available. Seven million will be contributed by the European Regional Development Fund. The period of availability of funds for the public tender is from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2021.

Interested in registering a company and deal with tourism?

Our company offers support to foreign citizens, who want to establish a company in Slovenia. Slovenia is a very favourable country for tourism activity. You can read more in our article about touristic business activity in Slovenia.

If you want to register your company fast and free of charge, do not hesitate to contact us! Firstly, our referent will explain you in advance everything about tourist activities in Slovenia and provide you with important information.

We also offer business address and virtual office service. If you and your family want to move to Slovenia permanently, we Will help you to obtain work and residence permits for everyone.

As well we offer accounting services, tax and legal counsultation, which is very important for every entrepreneur, who decide to start business migration to Slovenia.

More questions about European funds? Contact us!

If you have more questions about European funds, you can contact our company Data and get more information. Our email is:, phone nubmer: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).

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