Conduct your business in EU: Choose Slovenia!

Conduct your business in EU: Choose Slovenia!

Conduct your business in EU and be successful

Conduct your business in EU because of many reasons. First of all, according to the (GPI) Slovenia is the 5th most safe country in the world. This is also very important information for those who do business in Europe. Secondly, Slovenia is one of the European countries with good economic indicators and economic growth. Thirdly, the trends for Slovenia are also positive and present a good starting point for business. This is a great opportunity for your business, right?

In this regard, Data has been helping entrepreneurs with their business in Slovenia for many years. We offer support in company registration and business immigration . We also provide services of accounting and legal consultation. Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 and we will provide you with complete support.

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Choose Slovenia – Europe and the Schengen area

Slovenia is a good choice to conduct your business in EU. You are probably thinking why? Slovenia is an attractive destination for doing business because it is located in the Schengen zone. What are other advantages? Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world. The life here is pleasant, with exceptionally low crime rates. Moreover, it is located in central Europe. And it is surrounded by other strong EU member states. What is more, Slovenia has access to international waters because of port Koper so it is good for international trade. Choosing a successful country to conduct your business in EU is very important.  You have ideas , but you need help? Do you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. What is more, Data has more than 45 experts from different fields.

Call us on +386 030 640 995  (Viber/WhatsApp) to learn more about business in Slovenia!

Conduct business in EU – open a company in Slovenia

You can start by registering a new company in Slovenia. What is next? What are the steps ? Non EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. What about business address? You would also require a business address for your company and a Slovenian tax number. You need help? Contact us and start the procedure.

So, conduct your business in EU now. Don’t wait.What is more, foreign citizens also can obtain a single work and residence permit. After obtaining the status, you can reunite your family. Sounds perfect, right? Hence, you can continue your business by registering a branch office or a subsidiary in Slovenia. The registration process in Slovenia is fast and easy. Therefore, conduct your business in EU now. The registration is free of charge. You have questions? And you have doubts? Then, call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 and find out what we have to offer for you! Our legal experts can guide you every step of the way.

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DATA Company has more than 28 years of experience. Do you plan to start a business in Europe? You need support in the process? Our experts will be happy to help you. Send us an email to

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