Official holidays and non-working days in Slovenia in 2019

Official holidays and non-working days in Slovenia in 2019

When doing business in a country, it is good to be informed when that country has its official holidays. Mostly those days are also non-working days where the majority of companies and public institutions do not have business hours.

Official holidays and non-working days in Slovenia in 2019 – Non-working days

When doing business in Slovenia, you have to know which dates are considered official national holidays. On those days, you usually cannot expect for companies and institutions to have business hours.

Some of those official holidays are the same throughout Europe so you can also expect delays in doing business in Europe during that time. But some of them are specific only for Slovenia, as they are related to specific events that transpired on Slovenian territory. Some of them have already passed as they took place in January, but there are several upcoming – a very important official holiday is about to happen this Friday, 8th February.

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The official non-working days in Slovenia in 2019

1st and 2nd January 2019 (Tuesday and Wednesday) – New Year.

8th February 2019 (Friday) – Prešeren Day. Prešeren was a very important Slovenian poet, who also wrote the lyrics for the Slovenian National Anthem, which is why he is commemorated with an official holiday.

21st April 2019 (Sunday) – Easter Sunday.

22nd April 2019 (Monday) – Easter Monday.

27th April 2019 (Saturday) – Day of uprising against occupation.

1st and 2nd May 2019 (Wednesday and Thursday) – Labor Day.

9th June 2019 (Sunday) – Pentecost.

25th June 2019 (Tuesday) – Statehood Day.

15th August 2019 (Thursday) – Assumption Day.

31st October 2019 (Thursday) – Reformation Day.

1st November 2019 (Friday) – All Saints’ Day.

25th December 2019 (Wednesday) – Christmas Day.

26th December 2019 (Thursday) – Independence and Unity Day

Holidays in Slovenia that are not official non-working days

There are some official holidays in Slovenia that are still working days – meaning that business hours of companies and institutions progress normally according to schedule.

8th June 2019 (Saturday) – Primož Trubar Day (a Slovenian writer)

17th August 2019 (Sunday) – Unification of Slovenes from Prekmurje with their motherland

15th September 2019 (Sunday) – Return of Primorska region to its motherland

25th October 2019 (Friday) – Sovereignty Day

23rd November 2019 (Saturday) – Rudolf Maister Day

Do not let official holidays get in the way of your business conduct in Slovenia and Europe!

With the list above you can plan your business conduct more productively so that you arrange meetings and similar business activities on dates when your partners or clients will be available.

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