How to establish a company in Slovenia?

How to establish a company in Slovenia?

How to establish a company in Slovenia, is question asked by many foreigners. Every year, more and more foreign entrepreneurs tend to opt for Slovenia when opening a company in the territory of the European Union.

Main forms of entrepreneurial activity in Slovenia are:

The most popular form of entreprenuerual activity in Slovenia is a Private Limited Company (LTD). Shareholders are not personally liable for the company’s activities except for the investment of the founding capital. The minimal amount of the founding capital when establishing a LTD has to be 7.500 EUR. After this, the registration is complete. You can use the founding capital for conducting your business.

What are the main features of a Private Limited Company?

  • The company has to have at least one shareholder
  • The minimal amount of the share capital has to be 7.500 EUR; the minimal amount of one shareholder has to be 50 EUR
  • At least one managing director, who does not have to be citizen or resident of Slovenia
  • There are no restrictions for foreign shareholders
  • The authorised capital is composed of an amount of contributions paid in by members (up to 50 members), but there can also be a single member.
  • The company is established with the partnership agreement, which must be in notarial form. The company opens a bank account and pays share capital.
  • The members are entitled to profits in proportion to their contributions
  • The decisions are taken by all members, in proportion to their contributions.

How to establish a company in Slovenia?

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