Entering the VAT system after company registration

Entering the VAT system after company registration

Most foreigners, who decide to open a company in Slovenia, also want to cooperate and offer their services in other EU countries. For that, their company would already have to be a part of the VAT system. Entrepreneurs often think that the company will be automatically registered within the VAT system but that is not the case.

Company registration in Slovenia and VAT number

In order to do business in Slovenia, you would have to register a company first. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7.500€ founding capital. While your company will receive a tax number in the process of company registration, this does not mean that is automatically became a part of the VAT system as well.

While it is obligatory to enter the VAT system if your company surpasses 50.000€ of taxable turnover in the last 12 months, there are also possibilities to enter the VAT system voluntarily.

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Entering the VAT system voluntarily

If you plan on doing business in Europe in addition to Slovenia, your company can also enter the VAT system voluntarily to be able to offer its services or products abroad. This means that you can enter the VAT system before surpassing 50.000€ of taxable turnover of the company

To enter the VAT system, your company has to apply for a VAT number at the tax office of Slovenia. You can do so after the company is registered by filling out a specific application. In addition, you have to add proof within the application that you plan on doing active business in Slovenia. You can prove this by submitting advance payments, invoices, letters of intent, contracts with partners or suppliers, employment contracts etc. Once you have submitted the complete documentation with all the proof that the tax office required, you would receive the VAT number within 60 days from submitting the application.

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