Positive statistics on revenue and added value of business in Slovenia

Positive statistics on revenue and added value of business in Slovenia

The Statistical Office of Slovenia has posted positive statistics about business in Slovenia. In 2019, there were 149.257 active companies. They generated 105.6 billion EUR of revenue from sales. The companies that contributed the most to the growth were engaged in processing industry and in professional and scientific activity.

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Which are the most positive factors that contributed to the growth of revenue and added value in Slovenia?

In 2019, 149.257 companies with a predominantly sales activity operated in Slovenia. Also, in 2019 these companies generated a total of EUR 105.6 billion in net revenues from sales, or 3.1% more than in 2018. Manufacturing companies contributed the most to overall growth; their sales revenue was EUR 978 million higher than in the previous year. This was followed by enterprises in trade (by EUR 419 million), professional, scientific and technical activities (by EUR 410 million), construction (by EUR 376 million), electricity, gas and steam supply (by EUR 326 million), information and communication activities (by EUR 256 million) and transport and storage (by EUR 233 million).

The year 2019 was positive for statistics. In 2019, compared to 2018, revenue growth was the highest among all observed areas of activity in professional, scientific and technical activities. The number of active companies in this activity increased from 35.322 to 36.314 from 2018 to 2019. Companies in this activity generated 8% more revenue and added value than in 2018.

The companies that fell under the statistical analysis employed 675.734 people – 20.987 more than in 2018. Most of them were working in construction (6.126) and in manufacturing (5.654).

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Positive statistics also for companies engaged in renting accommodation

Companies that rent accommodation facilities (real estate) for a short period of time belong to the field of catering. On the contrary, companies that rent out real estate for a longer period of time belong to the field of real estate. In 2019, compared to 2018, the number of active companies in both groups increased, as did their revenue and value added.

In 2019, enterprises engaged in the activity of holiday homes and similar short-stay accommodation establishments (I55.20) and registered in the hospitality industry generated 15.7% more sales revenue in 2019 and 20, 5% more value added, and 14.7% more people worked in them than in 2018. These companies contributed 82.5% of value added and 71.0% of the revenue of this activity.

Companies that performed long-term real estate leasing in 2019 and registered their real estate business (L68.20) also showed positive growth of revenue, value added and the number of persons working in these companies. In 2019, 2.169 active companies registered this activity, or 284 more than in 2018. The revenue they generated was 10.7% higher than in 2018, and added value was 6.3% higher.

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