IT service company in Slovenia – why and how to open one?

IT service company in Slovenia - why and how to open one

Computers are part of our everyday life. We need them for personal use or at work. This means, that all companies need great IT services. Do you have computer skills? Then you can start your business in Europe and open an IT service company in Slovenia. To register an LTD company in Slovenia you need share capital of 7500 euros, slovenian tax number and business address.

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Why to open an IT service company?

Due to coronavirus, many companies work from home. Online business activities require appropriate IT knowledge. The IT service company doesn’t need a lot of resources. It can be controlled from a distance, with a computer. That is why opening an IT services company is always a great idea for a business in Europe.

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IT service company – appropriate business activity

To open an IT service company, you need to choose proper business activities. The main activity is “Computer programming” (SKD code 62.010). It includes structure planning, updating, writing and repairing computer programs. Web site design is also a part of this business activity.

Furthermore, your IT service company can register additional activities. You can register for example “Consultation on Computer Devices and Programs” ( SKD code 62.020) or “Management of Computer Devices and Systems” (SKD Code 62.020). Your IT services company can also register the activity of “Other Related Information Technology and Computer Services” under SKD Code 62.090.


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