Open an Ltd – does the founding capital have to be in cash?

Open an Ltd - does the founding capital have to be in cash?

Are you an entrepreneur and you want to open an Ltd (limited liability company) in Slovenia? Do you know the minimum amount of the capital for company registration? What is the option if you want to invest with other means than money? But more importantly, have you heard about the favorable life and business opportunities in Slovenia?

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What are the options?

First, the capital to open an Ltd in Slovenia does not have to be in cash. This is the basically what this article is about. However, there are additional information we would like to share with you. Besides cash, you can prepare the capital for the Ltd in fixed assets or a mix of cash and assets. When do you need to have these ready? Generally, that depends on where the shareholder will carry out the registration procedure. We at DATA can help you register your Ltd in no time. We have 30 years of rich experience. Our experts will be glad to help you! Does this interest you? Do you find this helpful? Don’t hesitate to contact us at +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and start your process today!

Open an Ltd at DATA

As we will show, the registration procedure at DATA point is very simple. However, the initial capital needs to be in cash. What is the minimum capital? The minimum capital is 7,500 EUR. Guess what? You don’t have to bring capital to the procedure. The shareholder will only need to bring his/her identity document. If necessary, a certified statement from the owner of the building of the Ltd. Do you want to know more about business address in Slovenia? Our referent will prepare all the documents for you. After you sign the documents, you will receive the documents necessary to open a provisional bank account. Then, you can transfer or deposit the capital for the Ltd on this account. Remember, you can only transfer it in euros. Moreover, the bank will send a confirmation to our referent, who will electronically submit the application to the Registry Court.

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Capital to open an Ltd – what happens to it after the Ltd enters in the register of companies

In essence, we can see that the registration procedure with DATA is very simple if we follow the steps. Now, we want to see what happens after the the company enters the register. After the decision to enter, the shareholder goes back to the bank and converts the temporary account into a commercial account. From that moment on, the capital is the company’s property. Also, The company can use it for current operational expenses. To clarify, you cannot borrow money for initial capital and withdraw it after you open an Ltd. You cannot chain companies either (Art. 495 of the Companies Act-1).

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Open an Ltd with fixed assets

Do you plan to open an Ltd with fixed assets? Is that your only option? If the answer is yes, we want to emphasize that you cannot open an Ltd with fixed assets at a DATA point. You must do that at a notary. Before going to the notary, he must have the value of the assets assessed by a forensic. The value of the assets must be at least 7,500 EUR. Moreover, you proceed to the notary only after the court report.

Choose DATA!

Generally, which is more profitable for me? To raise the capital to open an Ltd in cash and go to the DATA point for the procedure? Or maybe to establish the assets, pay for a forensic appraiser and a notary and go to the notary? Are there any other restrictions? If you have dilemmas, you can schedule a meeting with our experts! We provide quality business, legal, and accounting services! Last but not least, if you want to follow the latest changes on business in Slovenia, please do follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

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