Register company in Slovenia/Europe

Register company in Slovenia/Europe

Register company in Slovenia / Europe

Register company in Slovenia and develop your business with an ease. Starting a successful business is the dream of every entrepreneur. However, even the best idea cannot succeed in the long run without the right support. The first year of running a company is a year of enthusiasm and determination. At the same time, it is also the best opportunity to lay a solid foundation that will enable the company to grow and succeed in the future.

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Register company in Slovenia – Ltd form

In Slovenia you can also open a limited liability company. In the registration process, you need minimum initial capital in the amount of 7,500 EUR . The capital is paid into a business account that is opened for your company. In the registration process, you must obtain a Slovenian tax number. We also offer you the business address service at Data, by using our address for your company.What is next? The company has also to fulfill conditions of active business in Slovenia. What are the conditions? Register a company in Slovenia right now! Call us and find out more!

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Company registration – branch

A branch is an extended arm of your parent company. This means that you can also establish a branch if you already have an existing company in your home country. The branch is dependent on the parent company. It can only deal with activities that the registered parent company has. The registration of a company in Slovenia is also done by a notary. The advantage of a branch is that you do not need founding capital. You don’t even need a business account. This means that you can also use the business account of the parent company. What is next?  What should you do? The registration process in Slovenia is fast and easy. The registration is free of charge. You also have questions?

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Subsidiary company

If you already own a business in your home country, you can also open a subsidiary business. For your company, you need capital, in the minimum amount of 7,500 EUR. The capital must be paid by the parent company. For the company, you need to obtain a tax number for the parent company. This requires an extract from the court register for the parent company. It also needs to be notarized and translated into Slovenian. You also want to register company in Slovenia ? You also have questions? And you have doubts? Then, call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 and find out what we have to offer for you! Our legal experts can guide you every step of the way.

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Register company in Slovenia – employment

After registration, the company can begin to actively operate and employ workers. Who can you also employ? You can employ EU citizens and persons with a valid Slovenian work permit. You can also hire non EU workers . When you get work and residence permits for them. So it is necessary to fulfill one of the three conditions of active business of the company. The first condition is an investment of EUR 50,000 . In the first six months of company registration. The second condition is the turnover on the company’s account. Each month the turnover must be at least 10,000 EUR for six consecutive months. The third condition is that the company employs at least one full time person who is an EU citizen or has a work and residence permit in Slovenia.

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