Stamp of a Slovenian company

Stamp of a Slovenian company

Before stamp of a Slovenian company was a mandatory part of every contract of company or sole proprietor. Today the stamp is no longer required, this decision is left to the companies themselves.


Although the use of a stamp is not legal requirement, it is still common business practice.

The stamp still ensures the credibility of the document and it is also important part of the graphic image of the company.

If company uses a stamp only to certify documents and contracts, it is enough if the stamp contains only the name of the company and address of the company.

If you are using stamp as a kind of business card, it should contain more information: the name of the company, address, tax number, VAT registration number and contact information.

Advantage of a stamp of a Slovenian company

The stamp can shorten the time of some tasks, which is its major advantage. You can use it when sending registered mail, filling out forms, writing letters and similar tasks and documents.

Disadvantage of a stamp of a Slovenian company

When you decide to do business with the stamp, it is necessary to carry it always with you. It can be awkward, if you forget it.

If you are using more than one stamp, they should be marked with serial numbers. Also keep a record of persons who are authorized to use individual stamps, ensuring accountability in their use.

Newly established companies should make a stamp after receiving confirmed decision on the registration of company and not before. If you make it before and the competent authority rejects the name of the company, you will only have unnecessary costs.

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