Landlord permission statement for your company

landlord permission statement

A landlord permission statement is usually needed prior to opening a company in Slovenia. Every business has a business address. Do you want to register a limited liability company? You need to find premisses for a business address. The landlord certainly has to give you permission. However, we can offer you another option. Read more! If you want to open company in Slovenia, don’t wait! Call us on +386 40 530 718. Or you can send us an email at

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Frequently asked questions about landlord permission statment

The permission statement form is the Statement of the owner of the building. The companies act (ZGD-1) specifies it in the 3rd paragraph of the 74th Article. What is the landlord permission statement as a matter of fact? Who has to fill out the form? Why does the signature have to be certified? If the landlord signed the statement last year, can I use it for re-registration? We will answer all of those questions, as well as other ones, concerning company registration. Find some useful tips in this article, and by all means feel free to call us on Viber or Whatsapp +386 40 530 718 for individual consulting. Our business experts will be happy to help. Establish a company at our DATA point. Book your appointment today!

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When do you need the statement and how to preprare it

Let’s say you want to open a LTD. You will need to choose a business address. If you want this address to be at the place you live, you either have to be the owner, or you need the owner’s permission. If you still have to go through business immigration process, then of course don’t have an address yet. The certificate of permanent residence is not enough. You will need a landlord permission statement for the registration. The signature on it has to be certified. If you want to register your business address to an apartment building, you need the permission statement from the apartment owner. If the owner of the building is a company, the director or a legal representative signs the statement. When the building or apartment has several owners, the signature of one is enough, in case they own at least 25 % of the building.

But, we have a solution for you. You can register your business address at our premisses. We offer virtual office support!

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Certified signature on the landlord permission statement

How can you certify the signature on the statement? You can do it with a notary, at an administrative unit or in person at one of the DATA points. In the last case, the DATA point clerk certifies the signature. The landlord permission statement cannot be older than 30 days. Otherwise the regiser authority will deny the application and send it back to be completed. This is also why the landlord’s statement from one year ago, when you first registered the business, cannot be used for re-registration. But don’t worry. If you open company with our help, we will offer you business address. And arrange everything. That simple.

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Virtual office

It’s important to realise that sometimes future entrepreneurs cannot get the landlord permission statement. The owner might be sick, absent or they might not allow their address to be used for a company. In this case we offer you the possibility to rent a virtual office at our company. A virtual office lets you use our Data address for your business. In fact, we prepare all necessary documents and take care of the owner’s statement. Read more about the possibilities of a business addres in Slovenia here.

For more questions about registering a company, our business consultants are here. Contact them on or call us on Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718. Don’t wait! Follow us also on Facebook.

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