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Start a business in Slovenia, EU

Start your business in Slovenia, EU

Slovenia although small country offers several options for start your business – even if your main office is out of Slovenian borders. Starting a business in EU claims the same procedure for everyone, except from the fact that those who come from certain non-EU countries need to obtain visa on the first place. The next step is registration of company and as follows obtaining a work permit.

Start your business – how and where?

You can start your business at out VEM point. Our company Data is located in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. The procedure is free of charge!

To strat your business you Will have to provide slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. We can obtain these documents for you before the registration.

You Will also have to show your valid passport.

The procedure of registration takes about one hour.

Start your business – the procedure of obtaining the permit

As long as foreigner (third country nationals) do not have a residence permit in Slovenia, you can enter Slovenia by obtaining multiple entry visa. After you start your business in Slovenia, you have the right to apply for a residence permit.

In order to get multiple-entry visa, you have the opportunity to gain it on the basis of a guarantee letter for business trips, for which you apply in person at the diplomatic mission or consular department in your country.

After you start your business in Slovenia, your company has to meet conditions in order for you to obtain the permit. You can employ yourself in the company and obtain work and residence permit. Finaly, you can receive the permit also for your family members.

Our immigration experts can help you with the procedure and preparation of the documents! We Will also communicate with the institutions and check on your application all the time.

Start your business with Data

Data has a state license for VEM point, which allows you to do everything at one point. As practice shows, the first 2 years are for the company the most important for future development. That is why our services include a whole range of issues in the field of business, marketing, taxation, finance and accounting services, we provide full legal and personnel support, and assist in the social adaptation.

We will be glad to answer your questions and advise on all matters about how to start your business. Call: +386 1 6006 270, contact us via email:

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