Tax in Slovenia

Tax in Slovenia

The question about tax in Slovenia is one of the first questions that are asked when starting the process of business immigration to Slovenia. The taxation system in Slovenia is quite loyal, especially when compared to neighboring countries. In most cases, it is only necessary to focus taxes such as income tax or value-added tax (VAT).

In what way is the VAT system regulated in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, a company that has exceeded (or is likely to exceed) 50.000 EUR taxable turnover in the last 12 months, has to enter into the VAT (value-added tax) system. In addition, a company that offers services or receives services from companies in other countries of the EU has to enter the VAT system. If this is the case, the company has to be in the VAT system before it receives or issues an invoice, regardless of the amount of the invoice. It is necessary for a company to be entered into the VAT system, if the amount of purchased goods in the EU exceeds 10.000 EUR in the course of the calendar year. If the entrepreneur himself wants to join the VAT system, it is necessary for him to provide concrete evidence for business conduct, such as an agreement of business cooperation, invoice of the purchase of fixed assets, contract of renting an office, employment of an employee, or other incoming and outgoing invoices.

How high is the income tax in Slovenia?

The basic rate of the income tax (or more correctly – the tax on income of legal persons) in Slovenia is 19 %. It is calculated once a year, based on the achieved positive balance for the past calendar or fiscal year. In total, the profit affects revenues and costs as well so it is necessary to consider that not all have the right to be valid, some only partially reduce the amount of profit. At the same time, the company has to take advantage of tax benefits for certain investments. Your company will be obliged to pay tax on the income of legal persons, if the head office is located in Slovenia or if the head office is not in Slovenia, but it is managed directly from there.

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