Send workers to work in EU with a Slovenian company

Send workers to the European Union with a Slovenian company

Send workers to the European Union with a Slovenian company

If you are wondering if you can send workers on work to other European countries, the simple answer is yes! It is a common thing these days and we can provide you with all the help in the process. In fact, when you establish a company in Slovenia, you have a free way to EU market. In this article you will get you more information on how to do it and what will you need.

What does it mean to send workers abroad?

To send workers from Slovenia to work abroad is a situation in which the employer sends people to work abroad for a certain period of time. With so called A1 form, you can prove that while working abroad, they are still covered by the social security system. This is important for anyone who does business in Slovenia but also has clients in other EU countries.

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What are the conditions to obtain the A1 form?

To have a company in Slovenia is a great business opportunity. Besides doing your existing business, you can expand it to other markets. If you already have a company here, you will have to fulfil some conditions for your employees to work in other counties.

Every worker who will be working abroad must obtain an A1 form. If you are a foreigner, you can get a job in your company in Slovenia. Firstly, you have to obtain a residence and a work permit. With this permit you can work and stay in Slovenia. You can also send workers you employ.

30 days after the insurance (through employment) you can receive an A1 form. With that form, you can go work in other EU countries. Sending workers from Slovenia to work abroad is important to anyone who performs a business in Slovenia and in addition has clients in other EU countries.

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How to obtain A1 form when you want to send workers abroad?

To send workers abroad, A1 form must be obtained. The employer can, for example, send the employee to work abroad once he is already employed in Slovenia. However, he can prove that if he meets conditions:

  • company was already registered for at least two months in Slovenia;
  • company has active bank account;
  • has a sufficient number of employees;
  • company performs the activity which was registered,
  • does not violate labor law,
  • company must have paid tax liabilities.

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Where to get A1 form?

Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS) is the organ that issues an A1 form you will need to send workers abroad. In addition, the ZZZS will verify that the employer complies with the requirements. The employer has to inform ZZZS if the employee is not going to work abroad.

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